Hi, I'm

I'm a year-old student from the Philippines. Junior developer and digital designer.

More than Miix

I'm best known for my work Miix with Hybrid Development Team. I do Android and app development as my main hobby; with several music, video, and design projects being my secondary things I like to do.

Things I love to do

From mobile development to music production, my love for doing stuff is what drives me to do things to the best of my degree.

Mobile Development

I spend most of my hobby tinkering Android ROMs and maintaining several Android devices for the community. I also do apps, mostly built with web-based technologies such as Apache Cordova.

Web Development

I usually work with newer tech such as HTML5 and JavaScript 3. I also work with web application frameworks such as Angular, and currently learning React.

Digital Design

I design stuff, print or online; both for my own use and for public use. I also do layout design for publications in my university with a friend.

Video and Music Production

What started out as an addiction to 'Anime Music Videos' (AMVs) and love of music and tunes turned into a hobby. As of now, I do 'movie skits' and 'short films' as university projects.

Featured works

Here are some of my recent endeavors.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with me through different messaging platforms so we can talk about stuff.